What Are the Top Promotional Items for Sale?

Promotional items are used to an ever-increasing extent to help companies sell their goods, improve their image, gather information and put their loyal customers in a better mood overall. But should you consider using company swag to promote your business and what you have to offer? More importantly, what are the actual top promotional items for sale that the marketing department of just about every company has to know about?

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Exploring the Main Promotional Items Used Today

There are lots of different items and products that can be used as company swag to benefit your company in some way. Following are a few of the most important and popular promotional items Denver businesses need to know about:

  • Custom branded face masks: although the use of masks is no longer mandatory in some parts, people still use them to protect themselves from infection. Custom face masks with your company logo on them might be one of the best type of promotional product to consider these days.
  • Electronics like promotional USB drives and tablets are also very lucrative, since a lot of people try to seek them out. They’re also popular as part of strategies for rewarding loyal customers or setting up contests where you give away a few free electronic devices to the winners.
  • Promotional outerwear is also a great way to promote your business. Since the branding and colors on their jackets will be clearly visible when they go out, travelers who get promotional jackets from your company will basically be acting as walking promotional “banners” with little cost on your part.
  • Personalized printed t-shirts are also extremely popular, especially with teenagers and young adults. You can use them to promote your business as a whole or specific company initiatives like an event or a new product.

Using Promotional Products Efficiently

Promotional products are generally offered for free or at a significant discount. However, the rules are not set, and a lot of companies opt to turn their customer swag into an entire side business.

The simplest example is the basic band t-shirt used by promotional companies that support music bands and artists who have a certain level of success and recognition. These t-shirts will often sell at twice or even three times the price of a regular t-shirt made from the same material and featuring a similar design. Of course, these products should not be confused with music memorabilia such as personalized signed t-shirts that can go for a lot more money in most cases.

Of course, whether or not you’re making money from your company swag, it’s important to use it as part of an efficient and well-designed marketing tactic. That means you have to do a lot of research on the demographic you’re targeting, and you need data that justifies the choice of using a certain product as part of your promotional campaign. Check, for example, if branded pens or notebooks are a good option if most of your clients tend to use electronics for taking notes and writing. If that is the case, maybe digital tablets, USB drives or promotional apps might be a better choice.

Regardless of what your plan is, it’s important to note the efficiency of the top promotional items Denver businesses offer out there. If any of them suit your company goals and vision, it’s definitely worth considering them as part of a long term solution for your business’ marketing needs.