Eating at a Brewery and Restaurant is Just Better

There’s something special about eating at a brewery & restaurant, and you’ll never regret it. While many of the restaurants in breweries serve up burgers and sandwiches, they are not known for their food. They make the food themselves, but that’s not the point. They’re just more fun. And if you haven’t tried them, you should.

For example, you can get the same thing at two separate breweries: Alulu and Thompson Island. Both breweries offer delicious meals. The beer is made in-house and can be found in taprooms across the country. There’s also a restaurant in the brewery that serves local seafood, so you can enjoy the freshest catch that day. The two-level dining experience is unlike any other in the area, and you can taste the difference.

For food, you can’t go wrong with the menu at Urban Growler. The female-owned brewer offers a wide range of food that reflects the local ingredients. They can cater to most dietary restrictions and even have special weekly and monthly specials. The menu also changes every month, and you can find a fish fry on Fridays. If you’re not sure what to order, try the fried fish and the beer pairings.

Westlake Brewing Company is known for their Flower Power IPA, and their taproom is full of local fare. The brewery even grows its own ingredients and features a farm-to-fork menu with a unique twist. You’ll find a lot of local community at this brewpub, and the owners have made it a destination for a beer lover’s weekend.

At Crowded Castle, you can savor an assortment of different beer styles, and sample a menu that highlights the local cuisine. With a dozen taps, the brewery has a variety of offerings. The food here is truly farm-to-fork, and it’s worth the trip. This is a must-visit brewpub in the neighborhood.

Surly Brewery makes some of the best beer in Minnesota. The brewery has recently stepped up its game with a mega-brewplex that includes two separate dining options. The Beer Hall features pub fare like fried chicken sandwiches and kohlrabi slaw. The Brewer’s Table offers a four-course chef & brewmaster-paired dinner.

Despite its upscale look, the food and beverages at Rock Bottom Brewing are as delicious as the beer itself. The menu at the Rock Bottom Brewery features a wide selection of snacks, appetizers, and entrees. Among the popular beers on tap is Caerbannog’s Reserve, a milkshake-thick stout with peanut butter notes. Soft-serve ice cream is a great way to accompany the tasty brew.

Another great location is a Littleton restaurant and brewery known for it’s great food and craft beers. Lariat Lodge Brewing Company opened it;s second location in Littleton, Colorado and has become a local favorite.