How to Assess Tyler Texas Assisted Living Facilities and How to Pick the Best One

Assessing To Choose The Best Option

If you live in Tyler Texas assisted living facilities are plentiful in your area, which also means that the final choice is more difficult. The first step in the process of searching for the right facility of your elderly loved one should be a general research for the places that offer the type of care that your relative needs and is willing to accept – you will find lots of details about this aspect online, on the websites operated by the facilities in your area –, while in the next phase you need to check the facilities for yourself, to see if the living circumstances are indeed as good as promised. Here are a few of the aspects that you should pay attention to.


Hygiene is among the most important factors that should determine your final choice. Check every surface that you pass by, every corner in the rooms that you visit, look behind, under and on top of the furnishing items, check the baseboards, the doors, the windows, the shared toilets and don’t be shy to ask the staff about how often cleaning is provided and how frequently laundry is taken care of. Follow your nose, too – very strong odors that seem to be persisting indicate less than perfect cleaning routines.

Social Life and General Atmosphere

Try to visit facilities when they are at their most active. Most places regularly organize social activities for their residents, so try to visit facilities at the times when such events take place. Observe the general atmosphere in the community room, too – try to evaluate the quality of the interaction between the staff and the residents as well as the relationship between the residents. Make sure the place you choose is friendly and the residents enjoy being there.


The meals served to the residents need to be healthy and delicious as well and the best way to find out what they are like is to have some food along with the residents. If your relative is on a special diet, inquire about the meal options that are suitable.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are essential for the well-being of your elderly loved one, so try to find out as much as you can about these aspects. Check for grab bars in the bathrooms and on the corridors, for safety locks on the windows and the doors, call buttons, emergency exits, overhead sprinkles, smoke and fire detectors and check out the elevators and the safety features that the living quarters are equipped with. Find out how residents can contact medical staff in case of emergencies and ask about the number of registered nurses that work in the same shift.

Ask about the Personal Impressions of Others to Help You Form Yours

Talk to the residents, ask them about how they feel living on the premises and observe them during social activities to see whether they are engaged and happy or bored and instant – it will help you get the general picture about what life is really like at the facility you are visiting.