Things to Help You Decide On the Perfect Hot Tub

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Have you been dreaming of getting a hot tub for some time now? And now, you are ready to do it. You’ve done your math and you have the budget for a hot tub. But before you place an order or sign a check, please stop and consider whether you are making the right choice.

You may be a savvy shopper in many ways, but a hot tub is a long term investment and needs careful planning if you don’t want to get burned. There is much more to consider than the initial price you pay and how the hot tub looks in your home.

Approach This Purchase with Diligence

To make a fair comparison, you should be just as careful when you are about to buy a hot tub as when you are about to buy a car. Both items are quite expensive, should last you for years to come and incur ongoing expenses.

Thus, you should create a checklist of things to look for and see for yourself before you commit to the purchase. In order to help you, we prepared a list of aspects that will help you select the perfect hot tub for you.

Here they are:

  1. Don’t Buy Just the Hot Tub, Buy the Service

The first choice to make is not which hot tub you want to buy, but from whom you buy it. The seller must also provide excellent maintenance and repair services for the product. Thus, it is one of those products which you want to buy from a local reputable dealer.

Inadequate maintenance will shorten the useful life of your hot tub and cause you to pay for expensive repairs.

  1. Research Online but Buy In Store

The photos look great, the video presentation is professionally made, but it is just not enough to make sure that the hot tub you are looking at is a good fit for you. First of all, you do not get a true sense of perspective. The tub may look big enough to fit 6 or 7 people, but it may be just a trick of the camera and the placement of small sized objects around it.

Plus, you cannot really hear the sound of the pumps in a video with background music and a voice over presentation. If the written specs look good online, then make the effort to see the real thing in a spa store before you buy.


  1. Watch Out for the Extras

The extras or add-ons are various necessary accessories that are not included in the price of the hot tub. Whenever you are ready to take up an offer, look at the fine print and see exactly what it does and does not include.

Some things may be less important – like a spare set of filters. But if the insulating cover or the electricity fittings to connect the hot tub to a power outlet are extras, you need to look for a better offer.

  1. Think Twice Before Buying a Pre-Owned Hot Tub

Pre-owned items can serve you for a long time without problems. But for every good deal, there are ten rotten ones. After all, looking at the glowing description, why would anyone want to sell such a jewel of a hot tub? Probably because it makes enough noise to disturb the next door neighbors. Or the electricity consumption is driving their bill sky high. Without having proper specifications from the producer, you never know what you will end up with.



What Is A Home Health Care Agency?

Home health care is a great way to ensure the safety and well-being of elderly people or for people in the process of recovery from after an illness at any age and an excellent alternative to nursing home care. If you are currently considering the solution, but you have no idea how to start looking for the suitable in-home care giver, you must know that there are basically to ways to find candidates: you can either handle the process by yourself, placing job ads, interviewing candidates and then handling all the tasks related to having an employee, such as payroll, or you can turn to an Parker CO agency and choose from the candidates they send to you, leaving all the tasks and responsibilities related to the employment with them. If the latter solution seems more accessible, here are a few further details about what a Parker home health care agency is and what they do.

What Is, in fact, a Home Health Care Agency?

A home health care agency, often referred to as HHA, is a public or private agency that offers healthcare services provided in the patient’s own residence through trained, certified and licensed healthcare professionals, such as nurses or physical therapists if the level of care needed by the patient or through experienced care providers in case the patient needs help only with daily activities that can be handled without previous medical training.

Types of Home Health Care Agencies

Home health care agencies can be categorized by the type of services they offer – some agencies offer only non-medical home care services through care providers who do not carry licenses and certificates to allow them to provide medical care, such as companions and homemakers; other agencies provide only home health care services that require medical training and there are agencies that provide both types of services.

home care Parker CO

What Home Health Care Agencies Do

What these agencies do is practically to search for and employ home care Parker CO providers and to send the care providers in their employment to work in the homes of their clients. During the employment process, they carry out an extensive vetting of their candidates, performing background checks on their future employees, checking their licenses and certificates. The agencies also handle the tasks related to employment, such as payroll and taxes, they pre-select potentially suitable care providers based on the client’s requirements and they also handle back-ups in case the care giver selected by the client is temporarily unavailable.

Financial Aspects

Parker home health care agencies are either paid through Medicaid, if the patient qualifies for such aid, or privately, by the client, if the services are requested individually. In the case of the services requested by the client individually, the costs that the client will need to pay will be probably a bit higher than in the case of employing a home health care provider directly by the person who needs help, but agencies hold comprehensive responsibility for their employees and manage all the aspects of the employment, so hiring a health care provider through an agency is certainly easier, safer and more comfortable.

How To Start iphone App Development

Be The Best mobile App Companies DevelopersDespite the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of applications for our devices in all categories, more or less useful, only very few of them are actually successful and become visible even from the very first days. Their popularity typically comes from the innovative ideas they bring, or the better functionality compared to similar apps.

If you are among those who want to be part of the community of iOS application developers, and you have ideas that you want to materialize in iDevices apps, then, in addition to the specific app development knowledge, you also need other important.

In order to be able to develop applications for iOS, there are some hardware requirements. The minimum is to have a Macintosh – it is absolutely necessary! If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod it is even better, but not mandatory, because the software development kit (SDK) comes with simulators.

If you decide to buy a device for testing app development, know that you will also need a subscription to Apple’s maintenance development platform, to cope with the ups and downs of updates and get support, reliability and sustainability service.


Understanding the platform

Learning how to develop a program or application can be one of the most intimidating challenges for any programming enthusiast, and the saturation of the market with all kinds of applications actually minimizes the chance that your application and work will be recognized. However, you must not despair, but keep on trying and improving.

iOS is the operating system that Apple uses for its iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. The App Store, one of the native applications found in any iOS, is one of the largest markets in the world, where you can buy or download for free the applications you need. Users who post their apps in the App Store will receive 70% of the sales recorded per app, while 30% goes to Apple.


Take the costs into consideration

There are only two ways for individuals or even the best mobile app development companies who want to seriously develop an iOS app:

  • in-house development
  • using the services of an external third party – a professional app developer able to provide the necessary expertise and resources

The application development pricing varies depending on the chosen specifications (platform, page count, the existence of a server etc.), features (geolocation, user management, security, analysis, reports etc.) and location of the development company.

If you want a very simple application with a basic set and standard features such as interaction or user interface, based on a model (UI), email connection, user profiles and data synchronization via Apple or Google, it will be quite affordable, but it is very unlikely that such an application will bring you all the benefits that you can get. Particularly if the app is designed to boost your business and / or increase user loyalty, it is strongly recommended that you think about the sustainability of a long-term development budget and the return on investment that your mobile app will deliver.

Lighthouses on the Great Lakes

nautical prints of lighthouses

Lighthouses have been guiding ships safely to shore for centuries. They are also placed in difficult areas, such as small islands or capes to warn ships to steer clear of that piece of land and avoid collision.

The Great Lakes, as navigational channels, make no exception and are dotted with several lighthouses, many of which are captured in wonderfully illustrated nautical prints. Some of them are purely functional, but others are beautiful examples of architecture and are open to the public to climb inside them and explore them.


These are the most iconic lighthouses on the Great Lakes that you should put down on your bucket list:

  1. Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse, Mackinaw City, Michigan

Looking like a European medieval keep, this lighthouse is strategically placed at the point where Lake Huron and Lake Michigan almost meet. The interior of the lighthouse keeper’s house is preserved the same state since 1910.

The adjacent barn houses a movie theater where you can watch historical videos. And if you feel brave enough, you can climb the 8-foot ladder to reach the top of the lighthouse tower. Because good weather is a must for a safe visit, the Old Mackinac Point lighthouse is open to the public from May to October only.

  1. Fort Gratiot Lighthouse, Port Huron, Michigan

This historic lighthouse is the oldest one still in operation on the Great Lakes. Its tower is 86 feet tall and shines its bright light over Lake Michigan from the mouth of St. Clair River.

The architecture of the lighthouse is consistent with the traditional build of these edifices and looks almost like a movie prop – but it is the real deal. You can also climb up the tower and get a breathtaking look at the surrounding landscape.

  1. Devil’s Island Lighthouse, Apostle Islands, Lake Superior, Wisconsin

Lake Superior has a tiny island in its midst, so it has to have a lighthouse built on it to warn ships to change course. You really must be passionate about lighthouses to go visit, because it takes some effort to reach the island.

Once there, though, you will fall in love with the craggy beauty of the natural surroundings, the Queen Anne-style keeper house and the 82-foot lighthouse tower. To prevent accidents due to bad weather, the Devil’s Island lighthouse can be visited only from May to October.

  1. Grosse Point Lighthouse, Evanston Illinois

The Grosse Point lighthouse is categorized as a National Landmark. Thus, you can visit it free of charge, all year round. After climbing the 141 steps to the top of the tower, you will be rewarded by a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan and Chicago.

  1. Wind Point Lighthouse, Racine, Wisconsin

A rustic looking lighthouse, Wind Point is open to the public only on the first Sunday of the month from June to October. After climbing the 144 iron steps, you will enjoy an Instagram-worthy view of Lake Michigan. While you are there, you can also visit the Fog Horn Museum, built on the grounds of the lighthouse.

We also recommend you to include the gardens of the lighthouse in your tour – they are a wonderful escape into nature for your entire family.

How Can I Really Sell my Timeshare? – Tips and Options for an Efficient Selling Process

What Can We Do To Help You Accomplish Your MissionBuying a timeshare is certainly much easier than selling it, but finding a great buyer is not impossible. If you have been looking for answers to the question “how can I really sell my timeshare?”, here are a few tips for you.

Know What You Want to Sell

You surely read your timeshare contract very attentively when you signed it, but to be sure that you know exactly what it is that you want to sell a timeshare, review the document again. Pay special attention to the type of ownership that you have purchased – deeded ownership gives you more rights than right of use contracts, therefore they are more attractive to potential buyers and they are also worth more. You will also need the exact details of the timeshare property – the size of the building and of the plot, the features available with it, such as access to the sea or to walking trails, nearby amenities and spots of interest that can make the property more attractive.

Create an Attractive Ad – Use Inspiration from Listings and Ads for Properties Similar to Yours

If you have been using your timeshare for some time, you surely have quite a few pictures that show the property at its most beautiful. Try to pick a few high-quality images to illustrate your listings with and also try to create a text for your ad that is concise, informative and capable of raising interest as well. Check out timeshare property listings that are similar to yours – they can provide inspiration not only about the pics and the text that work best, but also about the price that you can ask for your timeshare.

Use Multiple Channels to Advertise

There are lots of websites that you can use for placing your attractive and well-formulated ad. Online real estate listings, the websites operated by independent realtors and real estate agents, the classified ads sections in the online versions of local newspapers, auctioning and retail websites are all available, but each of them comes with a set of conditions that you need to observe when you place your ad. Most of these advertising options are not available for free – they usually charge fees and commissions, so make sure you find out exactly how much advertising on a specific site will cost you before you place your listing.

Tell People about Your Intention to Sell

Word of mouth is the cheapest form of advertising and also among the most efficient sales channels. Spread the news that you are selling your timeshare property – tell your friends, the members of your family and your co-workers about the resort where your property is located, tell them about what a great time you have spent there and also tell them why you want to sell.

Offer the Property for a Buy-Back to Your Initial Seller

Sometimes timeshare sellers are willing to buy back the property, especially if the spot where it is located is in high demand and the company doesn’t have ongoing developments in that area, so contacting the company is worth a try.  To get rid of your timeshare, get the help you need from a great timeshare company.

Some of the Most Important Recent Changes to Driving Rules You Should Know

Driving Rule Tips

When it comes to driving rules, 2018 is bringing a lot of new changes for drivers to keep track of, and it’s definitely going to be confusing for a while, until most drivers get used to the new additions. Whether you’re fresh out of driving school Castle Rock CO has available, or you’ve been driving cars, trucks and buses for the past 20 years, these changes are still likely to affect you and challenge you quite a bit.


Recent Traffic Rule Changes to Take Note of


Many changes to driving rules you should know take place all the time, and if you got your license 30-40 years ago, chances are many of today’s rules won’t make much sense to you. Sadly, you still have to learn them, and they can be quite challenging to keep track of, especially with the new changes being implemented almost every year.


A good example is how the rules changed this year as well as during the past few years. A few important updates were introduced regarding giving way, using signals and using phones while driving. Very few major changes were introduced recently, however, as drivers who have started out during the past 1-2 years already know almost everything about the current traffic rules.


The no texting rules are one of the most important updates to the driving code that have been introduced in recent years, The advent of communication technology has led to mobile phones and smartphones being more accessible than ever. As a result, a lot of young people tend to use these devices for texting and making calls while driving – which is something that very frequently leads to a severe accident. As a result, most states have taken measures against texting and driving to try to keep the number of accidents at a minimum.


California was one of the states that introduced the most new traffic rules in the past few years. In response to car accident statistics, they have reduced the blood alcohol level allowing drivers to transport passengers for hire from 0.08 to 0.04, and they’ve also introduced a new rule that requires all passengers in a bus provided with seat belts to be properly restrained, including children between the ages of 8 and 15.


Another important new rule affects private carriers which are now required to obtain their instrastate authority certificates as soon as possible, if they are not-for-hire carriers.


Check for Updates as Regularly as Possible


Similar traffic rule changes affecting both regular drivers and private carriers are constantly being put into effect all around the country. Although some of them might seem subtle and unrelated to you as a driver who just wants to get home from work or school, there are also a lot of changes that can affect you indirectly.


In most instances, these changes will be announced publicly, but in case you miss them, it’s always a good idea to check local government websites associated with your state’s traffic rules, and find out about any important updates as soon after they are posted as possible. That initiative will help you keep informed and be prepared for any important changes that might occur soon or might have already be placed into effect.

How to Assess Tyler Texas Assisted Living Facilities and How to Pick the Best One

Assessing To Choose The Best Option

If you live in Tyler Texas assisted living facilities are plentiful in your area, which also means that the final choice is more difficult. The first step in the process of searching for the right facility of your elderly loved one should be a general research for the places that offer the type of care that your relative needs and is willing to accept – you will find lots of details about this aspect online, on the websites operated by the facilities in your area –, while in the next phase you need to check the facilities for yourself, to see if the living circumstances are indeed as good as promised. Here are a few of the aspects that you should pay attention to.


Hygiene is among the most important factors that should determine your final choice. Check every surface that you pass by, every corner in the rooms that you visit, look behind, under and on top of the furnishing items, check the baseboards, the doors, the windows, the shared toilets and don’t be shy to ask the staff about how often cleaning is provided and how frequently laundry is taken care of. Follow your nose, too – very strong odors that seem to be persisting indicate less than perfect cleaning routines.

Social Life and General Atmosphere

Try to visit facilities when they are at their most active. Most places regularly organize social activities for their residents, so try to visit facilities at the times when such events take place. Observe the general atmosphere in the community room, too – try to evaluate the quality of the interaction between the staff and the residents as well as the relationship between the residents. Make sure the place you choose is friendly and the residents enjoy being there.


The meals served to the residents need to be healthy and delicious as well and the best way to find out what they are like is to have some food along with the residents. If your relative is on a special diet, inquire about the meal options that are suitable.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are essential for the well-being of your elderly loved one, so try to find out as much as you can about these aspects. Check for grab bars in the bathrooms and on the corridors, for safety locks on the windows and the doors, call buttons, emergency exits, overhead sprinkles, smoke and fire detectors and check out the elevators and the safety features that the living quarters are equipped with. Find out how residents can contact medical staff in case of emergencies and ask about the number of registered nurses that work in the same shift.

Ask about the Personal Impressions of Others to Help You Form Yours

Talk to the residents, ask them about how they feel living on the premises and observe them during social activities to see whether they are engaged and happy or bored and instant – it will help you get the general picture about what life is really like at the facility you are visiting.

The History of Painting with a Twist: Morristown Events and What Makes Them What They Are

If you already know a lot about Painting with a Twist, Morristown events organized to help make your evening more enjoyable will not be a mystery to you. However, how much do you truly know about the history of the franchise and what led to the development of Painting with a Twist? That is the main question we will be seeking to answer here.

Where It All Started

In 2007, Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney have developed the idea for what would later come to be known as Painting with a Twist, Morristown events and other locations having been set up much later.

As expected, the concept itself, as well as the name of the franchise, has gone through a great deal of change over the past few years. After the inauguration of the first location in November 2007, the idea seemed to have caught on pretty fast, and soon enough, Corks N Canvas had four successful studios in the New Orleans area.

Cathy and Renee realized that people were more interested in the actual experience, rather than the instructional aspect. As a result, they set up what was later to become known as Painting with a Twist – a completely unique business that allowed its guests to have a lot of fun painting as a pastime and boosting their artistic skills at their own pace in the process.

They soon opened the first franchised studio in Lafayette, LA, and by the end of their first year of business, Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney’s Painting with a Twist celebrated the opening of 24 locations throughout the country.

What Is Painting with a Twist All About Today?

Today Painting with a Twist is the largest franchisor operating in the paint and sip industry. Their atmosphere, the inspired painting ideas and the delicious wine work together to form an unforgettable experience and make you feel right at home in the process.

The company essentially empowers franchises to start their own unique approach at the paint and sip concept, while maintaining the basic Painting with a Twist regulations and considerations. Almost anyone can become successful at having their own Painting with a Twist franchise, and they’ll gain a lot of support from the company representatives as well.

From the visitor’s perspective and from the standpoint of aspiring artists, Painting with a Twist represents a haven of self-expression. Here you can gain the opportunity to paint almost anything at some point, and the extra painting work will help you expand your skills and tap into your hidden artistic talents.

Whether you do have a lot of talent as a painter or not, there’s still a lot to be learned and experienced at these meetings. You can get in touch with a wide range of artists and representatives from companies dealing with art and design, and also with regular people just trying to have a good time. Mingling and sipping wine is part of the “game” and with beautiful venues, high quality canvas and some of the best alcoholic beverages you can hope for, any Painting with a Twist Morristown event can become a resounding success.

Italy Is a Country That Everyone Should Visit at Least Once in Their Lifetime

Italy is a country famous for its elegance, fashion, lifestyle and history and has always been considered one of the top holiday destinations on the globe. For those of you who enjoy traveling in great places and visiting locations rich in culture, Italy is among the best countries to see. This is not only due to its romantic aura, but it boasts extremely intricate structures, ancient monuments and rich culture, which are an essential element of its long history. Tourists who simply enjoy examining the hidden meaning of art may find these destinations to be an excellent and creative challenge for their inquisitive minds.

Whenever you are taking a journey to this amazing place, it is essential to ensure that you plan in detail the trips you intend to take or, better yet, embark on small group tours of Italy organized by specialized tour operators. This way, you can cover as much as possible and see the best of the best during your vacation. A very important fact remains true, though – Italy has always been a big nation that has many things to show to the vacationers and they cannot all be discovered in only one journey.

Great artists born here have created real masterpieces during the course of time, masterpieces that you can admire during a tour to the most famous museums. If you’re not that into art , you might want to consider getting a gondola in Venice and relax to the romantic music sang by the gondolier. You will think that this is for sure the ideal way to spend your honeymoon or other special moments of your life.

Guided Walking Tours!

Once you have arrived in this country, a few locations that you have to see for yourself are in its capital, Rome, and in the already mentioned Venice. However, we do not imply that these locations contain all of the country’s splendors that you can see through small group tours of Italy – this only indicates that, in the big cities there are quiet a few exciting destinations that you will have to visit for sure. In Rome, people can discover the Vatican, the Fountain of Trevi or the Pantheon, among other fascinating buildings and monuments.  These are wonderful guided tours of Italy.

Meanwhile, Venice is much valued and popular for being the only “floating city” in Europe. The city is slowly sinking, so all vacationers would better visit this wonderful destination while it is afloat. Many attempts have been made to stop this dangerous phenomenon for this great city, but all have failed during the course of years.

Each time you choose to take a vacation and get away for several weeks, your schedule should include Italy for sure, since it has many wonderful locations, amazing people, majestic buildings and a rich culture that that cannot be found anywhere else. For all that we’ve mentioned and many other wonders you have yet to discover, Italy is certainly one of the best vacation destinations you could think of.

Make your stay luxurious thanks to San Antonio vacation rentals

San Antonio is one of the best places to visit if you live in the US or are visiting the country. If you are in need of Corporate housing San Antonio has much to offer.  There are many interesting things to see here, and the city is itself a lively place to live in. Each year, thousands of people visit this city and the many landmarks here, and they are left quite impressed by their experience.


One of the most important historical landmarks is the Alamo, where the famous Battle of the Alamo took place during the Mexican Revolution. The site is located in the center of the city, and is probably the most popular tourist attraction in the state of Texas. Those that are not history buffs however can still find a lot to like in San Antonio. Besides the Alamo, tourists that arrive in the city can also take a walk or ride a boat along the Riverwalk, or visit the art galleries located at the Blue Star Complex. Families can have fun at a water park nearby, or visit the SeaWorld San Antonio Texas Theme Park.


But in order to extend your visit for more than a day, you will need to find accommodation. Some people stay at their relatives, but what if you don’t have family members that live in or near San Antonio? In such cases, most people opt for hotels, but there is a much fancier alternative for those that are willing to spend a little more cash in order to get a lot of comfort: vacation rental homes!


What are San Antonio vacation rentals all about?


A vacation rental home is practically what its name implies, meaning that it is a house that you can rent and use for a certain amount of time. These houses are obviously much more attractive accommodations compared to hotels. Even most extended stay hotels don’t compare to the quality and facilities that these homes provide. Naturally, one of the first things you get when you rent a vacation house is space, and lots of it too. Most of these homes have at least two rooms, not including bathrooms or kitchens. Some of these also offer swimming pools, hot tubs or even saunas! But even if not all homes get such luxurious facilities,, most of them have the standard features such as cable TV (some even come with premium channels so you can keep up with your favorite series and shows), wireless Internet connection, and fully furnished kitchens, with modern appliances to cook tasty meals. Some of these homes also have children rooms, so the kids can play at their own leisure. The more luxurious houses tend to cost more, but the features and space make them excellent for parties or other events.


San Antonio vacation rentals represent a luxurious way to spend your vacation


Single persons, couples or even entire families and groups will have much to like about vacation rental homes. If you have the money, why not make your stay in San Antonio a memorable one?