What do Executive Headhunters Really do?

Recruitment is a favorite topic of all companies. They no longer find employees, if they find them, they are not well enough prepared, if they are prepared, they have too high demands, and if they are perfect, they have certainly put their caps in the wrong position in terms of organizational procedures etc. 10-15 years ago, recruitment was one of the simplest activities that took place both in consulting companies and in employers’ organizations.

The development of jobs and the over-specialization of certain fields of activity have brought companies into the situation where they pay as much as they can for a candidate that meets their expectations.

Large companies, with many recruitment processes per year, have built their own recruitment departments with which recruitment companies compete directly. There is an abundance of jobs as well as an abundance of candidates. You would be tempted to believe that the job offers are correct, and the candidates’ CVs are too often incomplete or too populated with false or unnecessary information. The truth is that job offers too are, most of the time, unclear.

As a result, companies turn to specialized recruitment agencies to identify good candidates and bring up the truth from a resume. This is even more important when looking for candidates for executive positions.

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Headhunting is the search for talents and their placement in the right positions. Executive headhunters specialize in finding the right persons for different companies, especially when timing and recruitment needs align with the company’s strategy. A talent is valuable to an organization only when they meet its professional requirements – but it is just as important for the job to motivate, challenge and develop the talent and help the candidate achieve their potential and the highest level of performance.

Executive headhunters or consultants are more than a source of candidates; they do everything to have an in depth understanding of the needs of their customers and find the right candidates, not only through advanced searches, but also through their ability to understand a business, the market context, as well as the challenges and opportunities – all with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčidentifying people suitable for the recruitment needs of their clients.

Executive headhunters come from various industries, with individual experiences and specializations that guarantee their ability to meet the needs of various companies, regardless their activity.

Executive headhunters can offer you recruitment services for specialists, managers and top management. The recruitment project is carried out as a search, executive search or headhunting – either as an official open process or as a strictly confidential process, depending on your decision.

In the process of recruiting an executive, headhunters use all methods to scan and identify potential candidates, databases, professional networks, networking and referrals. To persuade a manager to accept a position in another company, a headhunter must have great persuasive power, plausible arguments and, most of all, be honest. After all, the candidate is the only one who makes the final decision. The headhunter is a guide who must find the two matching puzzle pieces.