What Is A Home Health Care Agency?

Home health care is a great way to ensure the safety and well-being of elderly people or for people in the process of recovery from after an illness at any age and an excellent alternative to nursing home care. If you are currently considering the solution, but you have no idea how to start looking for the suitable in-home care giver, you must know that there are basically to ways to find candidates: you can either handle the process by yourself, placing job ads, interviewing candidates and then handling all the tasks related to having an employee, such as payroll, or you can turn to an Parker CO agency and choose from the candidates they send to you, leaving all the tasks and responsibilities related to the employment with them. If the latter solution seems more accessible, here are a few further details about what a Parker home health care agency is and what they do.

What Is, in fact, a Home Health Care Agency?

A home health care agency, often referred to as HHA, is a public or private agency that offers healthcare services provided in the patient’s own residence through trained, certified and licensed healthcare professionals, such as nurses or physical therapists if the level of care needed by the patient or through experienced care providers in case the patient needs help only with daily activities that can be handled without previous medical training.

Types of Home Health Care Agencies

Home health care agencies can be categorized by the type of services they offer – some agencies offer only non-medical home care services through care providers who do not carry licenses and certificates to allow them to provide medical care, such as companions and homemakers; other agencies provide only home health care services that require medical training and there are agencies that provide both types of services.

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What Home Health Care Agencies Do

What these agencies do is practically to search for and employ home care Parker CO providers and to send the care providers in their employment to work in the homes of their clients. During the employment process, they carry out an extensive vetting of their candidates, performing background checks on their future employees, checking their licenses and certificates. The agencies also handle the tasks related to employment, such as payroll and taxes, they pre-select potentially suitable care providers based on the client’s requirements and they also handle back-ups in case the care giver selected by the client is temporarily unavailable.

Financial Aspects

Parker home health care agencies are either paid through Medicaid, if the patient qualifies for such aid, or privately, by the client, if the services are requested individually. In the case of the services requested by the client individually, the costs that the client will need to pay will be probably a bit higher than in the case of employing a home health care provider directly by the person who needs help, but agencies hold comprehensive responsibility for their employees and manage all the aspects of the employment, so hiring a health care provider through an agency is certainly easier, safer and more comfortable.