The History of Painting with a Twist: Morristown Events and What Makes Them What They Are

If you already know a lot about Painting with a Twist, Morristown events organized to help make your evening more enjoyable will not be a mystery to you. However, how much do you truly know about the history of the franchise and what led to the development of Painting with a Twist? That is the main question we will be seeking to answer here.

Where It All Started

In 2007, Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney have developed the idea for what would later come to be known as Painting with a Twist, Morristown events and other locations having been set up much later.

As expected, the concept itself, as well as the name of the franchise, has gone through a great deal of change over the past few years. After the inauguration of the first location in November 2007, the idea seemed to have caught on pretty fast, and soon enough, Corks N Canvas had four successful studios in the New Orleans area.

Cathy and Renee realized that people were more interested in the actual experience, rather than the instructional aspect. As a result, they set up what was later to become known as Painting with a Twist – a completely unique business that allowed its guests to have a lot of fun painting as a pastime and boosting their artistic skills at their own pace in the process.

They soon opened the first franchised studio in Lafayette, LA, and by the end of their first year of business, Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney’s Painting with a Twist celebrated the opening of 24 locations throughout the country.

What Is Painting with a Twist All About Today?

Today Painting with a Twist is the largest franchisor operating in the paint and sip industry. Their atmosphere, the inspired painting ideas and the delicious wine work together to form an unforgettable experience and make you feel right at home in the process.

The company essentially empowers franchises to start their own unique approach at the paint and sip concept, while maintaining the basic Painting with a Twist regulations and considerations. Almost anyone can become successful at having their own Painting with a Twist franchise, and they’ll gain a lot of support from the company representatives as well.

From the visitor’s perspective and from the standpoint of aspiring artists, Painting with a Twist represents a haven of self-expression. Here you can gain the opportunity to paint almost anything at some point, and the extra painting work will help you expand your skills and tap into your hidden artistic talents.

Whether you do have a lot of talent as a painter or not, there’s still a lot to be learned and experienced at these meetings. You can get in touch with a wide range of artists and representatives from companies dealing with art and design, and also with regular people just trying to have a good time. Mingling and sipping wine is part of the “game” and with beautiful venues, high quality canvas and some of the best alcoholic beverages you can hope for, any Painting with a Twist Morristown event can become a resounding success.