Why Investing In Good Training Now Pays Off Later

Training means the set of information and reflexes that a dog learns throughout their life. There is no specific period when it can be trained, but it is recommended that the training sessions start as early as possible, that is at the age of 7-8 weeks.

The work of a trainer is not exclusively devoted to the dog, but also to the owner. Most of the time dogs learn quickly. The greatest energy consumption is when professional trainers strive to teach dog owners how to better understand their animals, because people have their beliefs and experiences, which they hardly give up to. The fact that trainers could recommend them other methods of interaction with their dogs and even a different lifestyle could be harder to assimilate. Not impossible, though!

In the process of canine training, the old habits will have to be reconfigured. Building a common language, effective communication, ensuring comfort in the relationship with your companion. In the absence of structured communication, living next to a dog can become unacceptable, and this can endanger the health of both the dog and the owner.

Through canine training, a fundamental bond will be established between you and your dog. Time spent together will develop your dog’s sense of confidence, and at the same time, through their phenomenal potential and capabilities, they will learn what is acceptable and what is not. By applying at home what you have learned from the professional trainer, you will help your animal to become a good canine “citizen”, in a human world.

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing a dog trainer?

Experience is what matters the most. This is reflected in the way trainers work with the dogs and with their owners. Anyone can read theory, the internet is full of advice on how to train your dog, but the experience of a professional makes all the difference. The relationship between the dog owner and the trainer is also important. The two must be compatible, in order to do something positive for the dog.

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Canine training at home, in the dog’s environment, or in a dog board and train near me?

There are special situations, such as certain behavior issues, when training has to be done in a board and train facility, because the dog must be removed from their environment and rehabilitated.

As mentioned before, dogs learn quickly; the problem is with their owners, most of the time, but the most important thing is that the owner is present and 100% involved. According to an amazing dog board and train near me, training without the involvement of the owner can be more effective. In the long run however, if the owner does not get involved the whole training process does not make sense.

Training at home is more expensive, but it has the advantage of providing comfort to the owner and the animal. On the other hand, training at aboard and train facility involves an extra effort made by the dog’s owner, but it gives the animal the chance to socialize.

Keep in mind that canine training is not an expense, but an investment in the human-dog relationship. Canine education lasts a lifetime, if it is done constantly and with a lot of love. There is no other more suitable recipe.